2016 Levi's GranFondo Fundraising

Benefiting: King Ridge Foundation
Hosted by:King Ridge Foundation
December 31, 2016 at 1:00am

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The King Ridge Foundation

Help us give at-risk youth a chance.

Donating to the King Ridge Foundation supports organizations that help at-risk youth get the chance they deserve to succeed in life. With your support we will work with non-profit organizations around the country to help shape the lives of at-risk youth. Their future depends on it.

Youth who participate in at-risk programs transform into the children they ought to be before your very eyes. Trying to help young humans navigate an adverse world is one of the most honorable investments of one’s time and money. But it doesn’t come easy.

A lot of organizations struggle to conduct themselves with limited budgets. Working within their community allows them to share commonality with their supporters. But it also limits their reach for funding. Many organizations survive because of a few large donors, and suffer catastrophically when just one of these funding sources is lost.

At-risk circumstances exist for nearly 50% of all children in the United States. And for this alarming statistic there is an inversely proportionate global awareness that so many children indeed live with at least one form of instability in their lives.

Your donation matters! With your contribution you can help see to it that at-risk kids are given a chance.